Trellian Webpage

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to create my own web site?

You will need:

  • A web hosting account, which stores your web site files and makes them available for people to view on the Internet.
  • A domain name, which is a unique address used to identify your web site on the Internet.

Domain names can be purchased from Domain registration costs are usually less than $15 USD per year. Some ISP's provide space for your web pages with their ISP accounts, however if you are planning to run a business from your site, it will look much more professional with it's own domain name.

Web hosting can cost anywhere from $5 per month, up to several hundred dollars a month, depending on the size of your website and the amount of traffic (visitors) to your site (also known as bandwidth). When creating a new website, we recommend starting with a small web hosting plan and upgrading as the traffic and size of the site begins to grow.

What is the difference between a web page and a web site?

A web site is a collection of web pages that are linked together.

Are there any templates included with WebPage?

No, but there are lots of free templates available on the Internet.

Can you create a page for me ?

Sorry, we don't provide a web design service.

Can you help me with my site ?

Sorry, we don't provide coding /site design assistance.