Trellian WebPage


The preference settings lets you change various options for Webpage. To access it, click on the View menu and select preferences.

General preferences

Re-open pages at startup - automatically opens the pages worked on previously when Webpage starts up.

Warn when opening read only files - warns when opening a read only file.

Use <strong> and <em> instead of <b> and <i> - uses replacement tags as specified.

Set as default HTML editor - sets Webpage as the default HTML editor.

Make paragraph on enter - creates a new paragraph when enter is pressed. Turn this option off to create a new line instead

Show outlines for tables with zero value border - toggles display of a dotted table outline for tables with a zero value border.

Turn off the automatic html header insertion - Disables automatic insertion of HTML headers.

Show menu - Displays main toolbar menu

Use <div> tag for centering instead of <center> - Substitutes html <center> tags with <DIV align=center>

Tab size - Set Tab size in source and split views.

FTP preferences

FTP client - Enter the path to your FTP client. eg. C:\Program Files\TRELLIAN\Trellian FTP\ftp.exe

Parameters - Enter any parameters required by the FTP program. .

New Document preferences

Default extension - Sets the default file extension, eg. .html

Default Document Type (DTD) - Sets the default document type.

Default encoding - Sets the default encoding type, default is UTF-8.

Show wizard when creating a new page - Displays the new page wizard whenever a new page is created.