Trellian Webpage

Aligning Objects and Text


To align paragraphs of text and/or objects, highlight the text and select the desired alignment button.

Paragraph alignment

Object Alignment

Objects can be moved between layers (uses the z scale), behind text and floated (aligned left or right with content flowing around the element). To apply object alignment, select the object and choose an alignment option from the Home menu. When an element is locked, it will not move between layers.

Element menu

The image below shows 3 separate images of a red, blue and yellow rectangle at the top of the page. The separate rectangles were then floated, and dragged to overlap each other (shown at the bottom of the page). Using the Send to front and Send to back menu options, the rectangles were arranged in layers, so what apears to be a single image is actually made up of 3 separate images.

Example of floated elements using layers


To assist in lining up objects, a ruler can be toggled by clicking on the View menu and clicking on Ruler.

Show and Hide options


Gridlines can be toggled by clicking on the View menu and then Gridlines. Snapping objects to gridlines and the size of grids can be managed within the Gridlines submenu.