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GIF Animator

Use GIF Animator to animate images. Select an image and click on the Animate button from the Tools menu.

Animate button

GIF Animator interface

Frame origin
Left Position/Top Position - Position the selected frame as desired.

Undraw Method
Undefined/Leave - Frames will remain, new frames will be shown above them.
RestoreBackground - Background will be restored after each frame ends.
RestorePrevious - Previous frame will be restored if that previous frame was set as leave.

Frame Delay - Delay frame display in milliseconds.

Background Color - Change background color.

Insert Blank Frame - Insert a blank frame using the color picker.

Insert Image - Insert an image.

Movie Properties - Displays movie properties.

In the following example, we will insert the same image five times to create a simple effect of it moving from top to bottom and vice versa.

GIF Animator example 1

In the screen above, we have already inserted the five images by clicking on the Insert button and selecting the same image.
Frame delay has been set to a 500ms delay for each individual frame.

GIF Animator example 2

Frame position for the second frame has been set to 45 to position it lower than the first frame.
Third frame position set to 90, fourth frame to 45 and fifth back to 0.
UndrawMethod has been set to RestoreBackground for each frame.

GIF Animator example 3

To ensure the animation loops and repeats, tick these options in Movie Properties.

GIF Animator example 4

To save this as a GIF animation, click on the Export Compressed GIF option in the File menu.

Resulting GIF image is displayed below.

GIF Animator example