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GIF Animator Menu Options

GIF Animator file menu

New - Creates a new animation.

Open - Opens an image.

Save - Save the current image.

Save As - Save the current image under a different name.

Export Compressed GIF - Export the animation as a gif file.

Live Dragging - Set by default, this allows you to click and drag images.

Close - Close GIF Animator.

GIF Animator edit menu

Play Movie - Plays the current animation

Stop Movie - Stops the current animation

Cut - Cuts a frame.

Copy - Copies a frame.

Paste - Pastes a frame from the clipboard.

Delete - Deletes a frame.

Duplicate - Duplicates the selected frame.

Crop to Frames - Crop frames to same size as image.

Resize Canvas - Resizes canvas to preset sizes or a custom.

Goto - Move to the next, previous, first or last frame.

Full Screen Preview - Previews the animation in full screen.

Movie Properties - Display animation properties. Default color, Looping and Repeat settings are set here.

GIF Animator insert menu

Image - Inserts an image.

Text - Inserts text.

Blank Frame - Inserts blank frame.

GIF Animator tools menu

Create HTML Code - Creates HTML code to insert your animation.

Apply Transition - Apply transition.

Flatten Current Frame - Flattens currently selected frame.

Resize Frame - Resize frame.

Rotate Frame - Rotate frame.

Adjust Brightness - Adjust brightness settings.

Adjust Gamma - Adjust gamma settings.

Set Plugin Path - Set plugin path.

Plugins - Plugins.

GIF Animator window menu

Movie Frames - Display movie frames window.

Movie Properties - Display movie properties window.