Trellian Webpage


The heading settings let you specify the font color, size and styles. These settings can be left blank, and WebPage will use the default settings for the headings. Heading 1 is normally the largest heading, and heading 6 is the smallest.

To specify the heading settings, click on the View menu and select the Properties icon, then select the Headings item.

Heading properties

Font - The font style. Click on the ... button to select from a list of fonts. A few different fonts should be selected as some visitors to the page may not have particular fonts styles on their computers. To select a Bold and/or Italic font, click the B button for Bold, and the I button for Italic.

Heading 1 to 6 - Specifiy the size of the font and select a unit of measurement, eg, pixels, em, points, inches etc. . eg. enter the number 12 in the first field, and select points from the list. In the last field, either enter a color in hex format ( eg. #0099FF) or click the ... button to select a color from the color picker.