Trellian Webpage


To insert an image, click on the Insert menu and select Image.

Insert Image menu

To insert a regular image, click on Insert Image.

Locate the image file to insert and click the Open button.

To edit the image properties, such as alt text, image size and alignment, right click on the image and select properties.

image properties

Displays the path to the image source. To change the image source, click on the ... button and browser for an image file.

Alt text
Alt text is used in conjunction with image tags to provide a textual description of the image. The alt tag is useful for the visually impaired visitors who are using software to read out the page contents, and for people who have images turned off in their browser. Ideally all image tags should have an alt section.

Use Map
An image map is an image in which defined regions within the image are links to other items. To create an image map, enter a name for the image map and click the Create button. Mark out the regions with the shape buttons and enter a link. For example, in the image below, the horse's ears and eye have been mapped to link to

Image map example

To insert a rollover image, click on Insert Rollover Image from the Image menu.

Insert Rollover Image

Rollover Image properties

Image Name
Enter a name for the rollover image.

Original Image
Insert the image that will be displayed first.

Rollover Image
Insert the rollover image that will appear when original image is moused over.

Alternate Text
Enter the alternate text.

When clicked, Go to URL:
Enter the link that will be visited when the rollover image is clicked.

Example of a rollover image is displayed below.

test rollover image

Editing the Image

To edit the image, click on the image and select Edit.. from the Tools menu.

Editing the image

The default image editor will be opened with the image ready for editing. When finished, save the image, then close your image editor.

Restoring the Image

To restore the image to its original state, click on the image then click on the Tools menu and select Restore.

Restore image

Image Effects

WebPage includes a variety of different image filters to add special effects to images. The filters can be found under the Filter menu in Tools.

Insert Filter effect

For example this image uses the Wave filter located in the Real Time Filters.

Filter effects

Image colors, filters, transformation and other settings can be found in the Tools menu.

Photoshop Plugins

To apply photoshop plugins to an image, click on the image and select Plugin from the Tools menu.

Photoshop plugin

Locate the Photoshop plugins directory (usually in c:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Plugins) and click OK. Webpage will import any Photoshop plugins found in the specified directory. To apply a plugin, select Plugin from the Tools menu. Select the plugin from the list and click Apply.

Convert Image Format

To convert an image to a different format, select the image and select a new image format from the Convert submenu in the Tools menu.

Converting between image formats

Image Resampling

Resampling increases or decreases the resolution of the pixels in an image. To resample an image, click on the image and select Resample Image within the Transform submenu from the Tools menu.

Resample image option

Select a resampling algorithm from the drop down menu and click Ok to apply the selected algorithm.

Resampling image