Adding Java Applets

To add a Java applet to a webpage, select Java Applet from the Insert Script sub menu.

Insert java applet

Locate the .class file and click Open.

Java properties

The path (URL) to the applet's class file.

Code base
The path (URL) to the applet if a relative path was specified in the code parameter.

The path (URL) to the Java archive or zip file.

The text to display if the applet cannot be run/viewed.

Specifies the applet width.

Specifies the applet height.

Border spacing - Horizontal
Specifies the horizontal border spacing around the applet.

Border spacing - Vertical
Specifies the vertical border spacing around the applet.

If the applet requires parameters, click on the Parameters tab.

Applet parameters

Enter the name and value pairs required by the applet.