Trellian Webpage

Creating Links and anchors


A link is an element that points to other items on the Internet, for example, other web pages, web sites, movies, pictures etc.

To create a link, click on the Insert menu and select Hyperlink.

link menu

inserting a link

To create a link to another website or web page, enter the URL eg.
If you are linking to a page on your website, you can just enter the filename of the page, eg. contact.html. (this is known as a relative link).

To link to a file from your computer, click the ... button and locate the file you wish to link to.

Link text
Enter the text to display for the link in the text link field. If you are creating an image link, leave this field blank.
eg. Entering the link text "Trellian Website" will create a link that looks like this:

A link

The target attribute lets you define where the link should be opened. The most common targets are _blank and _self

  • _blank will open the link in a new browser window.
  • _parent will open the link in the immediate frameset parent.
  • _self will open the link in the current browser window.
  • _top will open the link in the full browser window. This is commonly used to break out of framed pages.

This field can be left blank, and the link will be opened in the current browser window (same as the _self value).

Link title
The link title should be a brief description of the link. The link title does not appear on the page itself, but may be displayed in a tool tip, or read aloud by a reader program (used by blind visitors).
The link title can be left blank.

Image links / existing text

To create a link from existing text or an image, highlight the text / click on the image, then right click and select create link. See above for an explanation of the various link fields


An anchor is a link to a particular position on a web page. Anchors are generally used when there is a large amount of text on a single page, and are used to skip quickly from a table of contents to the relevant section of the page.

To create an anchor, select/highlight the text to link to then click on the Insert menu and select Anchor . Enter a name for the anchor when prompted. This marks the section of text to skip to. To create a link to the anchor, create a link using the page name and append a hash symbol (#) to the end of the page name, followed by the anchor name. eg.


To unlink text (remove the link), highlight the text, right click and select Unlink from the menu.