Trellian Webpage

Editing META Tags

Meta tags are HTML tags that don't appear in a web page, but provide information that describes the content of a web page. Meta Tags are used by search engines to help index and rank web sites on the Internet. If a page doesn't contain META tags, some search engines create a description and a keyword index based on the first few lines of text on a page.

To enter meta tags, click on the View menu and select the Properties icon, then select the Meta tags item.

Meta tag properties

Title - The title of the page. eg. The fine wine store.

Author - The author of the page. eg. John Smith

Owner - The owner of the page. eg. The fine wine store

Copyright - Copyright information eg. Copyright to The fine wine store, 2008

Rating - The rating for the page. eg. General . (other options are mature, restricted, safe for kids)

Charset - The character set used on the page. Usually utf-8 unless the page content is in a language other than English.

Description - A description of the page content. eg. Current wine specials at The fine wine store

Keywords - A few keywords (separated by commas) to describe the page content. eg. wine,beer,spirits,online store

Revisit after - The number of days after which the search engines should revisit the page. Note that most search engines will ignore this tag.