Trellian Webpage

Publishing a webpage

When you have finished working on your web page, you need to publish/upload it to the Internet.

Some ISP's provide space for your web pages with their ISP accounts, however if you are planning to run a business from your site, it will look much more professional with it's own domain name.

Web hosting and domain names can be purchased from . Domain registration costs are usually less than $50 USD per year. Web hosting can cost anywhere from $5 per month, up to several hundred dollars a month, depending on the size of your website and the amount of traffic (visitors) to your site (also known as bandwidth). When creating a new website, we recommend starting with a small web hosting plan and upgrading as the traffic and size of the site begins to grow

To publish/upload website files, an FTP program (File Transfer Protocol) is required. Webpage has a built in FTP client, however you can configure Webpage to launch another FTP program.

To automatically launch a different FTP program when the Publish menu item is clicked, enter the path to the FTP executable file in the Webpage preferences. (click on the View menu and select Preferences).

Basic uploading instructions.

  1. To publish(upload) a website/webpage, click on the WebPage icon and select Publish

    Publish icon

  2. Click the Connect button.

  3. Enter a name for the connection in the FTP site name field. Enter the hostname, port, username and password to connect to your web host's server. Most servers will be listening on port 21, however you may need to contact your web hosting provider for instructions/settings. You can enter a remote path if you know it, or you can leave the field blank.

    FTP connection window

  4. Click the Connect button.

  5. Locate the files to upload on the Local computer side, and click the arrow button ( ->) to transfer the files to the relevant folder/directory on the server. (you may need to check the upload folder/directory name with your hosting provider)

    Connected to the web server

  6. After uploading, check that the pages display correctly in a web browser.

  7. Disconnect from the web server.